Managing Plan Data for Eligibility, Affordability, Compliance and Benefit Optimization under the ACA.

A must attend webinar for employers!

Topic: Managing Plan Data for Eligibility, Affordability, Compliance and Benefit Optimization under the ACA.

When: February 25, 2014 at 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET


Allison Manno, Vice President, Compliance - Health E(fx)
Thomas Ference, New Business Development - Health E(fx)

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The implementation of the ACA is here. And while the employer mandate has been delayed, the major pieces of the ACA are still in effect. Most employers will want to begin managing required healthcare plan data as soon as possible in 2014 so as to be prepared for the October 2014 benefits enrollment for January 2015.

Employers now have to manage medical benefit costs as a line item like never before. Affordability, compliance, proposed reporting requirements have many CFOs, HR executives and benefits professionals confounded regarding how to manage costs, track eligibility and affordability within the complex rules, and ensure that reporting and audit is correct to avoid penalties and to mitigate risk. Further, employers seek ways to optimize their benefits strategies to reduce costs, and to manage workforce strategies to the best outcomes specific to their individual goals.

Employers must find a solution to ensure that benefits design, planning and management integrate the compliance requirements of the ACA. Today, management of health benefits and employee pay is often done in separate systems or via a third party, with the use of multiple databases, spreadsheets and disparate data feeds. It is critical that employers get ahead of the curve and know the true make-up of their workforce to manage hours to ensure compliance on a monthly basis, or risk unnecessary penalties and high administrative burden and cost in the design and management of benefits.

In this webinar, we will show you some proven methods to manage and automate all federal and state compliance regulations, effect disparate data control without costly payroll, HRIS or benefits system upgrades, and meet all reporting and employee notification requirements.

Who Should Attend:
HR professionals and finance executives, particularly in Retail, Staffing, Logistics, Education, Restaurant and Food Service, and other highly variable industries plus employers in any industry that want to conduct their own internal analysis of ACA implications

What You Will Learn
• Safe harbors for employers with a variable workforce are extremely complicated to administer. Learn how to manage your workforce and gain confidence in your ability to manage risk and forecast cost of employer-sponsored benefits.

• Analyze your current and future cost of offering employer sponsored benefits to your full time employees and communicate current and forecasted medical expense to your C-Suite with informative tools on a regular basis – taking a proactive approach and maintaining control of your bottom line expense.

• Reporting under the proposed IRS Code sections 6055 and 6056 is a daunting undertaking for most employers with disparate systems and data collection requirements that do not exist in current systems today. Learn how you can automate this data and ensure you are prepared for the necessary employee notifications and IRS returns on the mandated delivery dates.